Sunday, March 7, 2010

So good

Drove around the D for a little while. Thinking about a lot of things.  There were a lot of churches in the small 5 mile radious of that I drove.  God was in this city.  We didn't leave us, we pushed Him out.  We thought we could do it on our own.  We said to Him "don't worry, we've taken it this far, we can do great things, we don't need You."  And here we are, vacant, abandoned, broken, abused.  But here He is, some of us are praying that He comes back, and with a vengence.  I don't want God to be peaceful, I tell you, I want Him to come back with all that He is, Mighty, Powerful, Loving!  I want Him back in this city.
You see, Downtown Detroit, its the heartbeat of our area, if it's heartbeat isn't strong, then the rest of us, are just as weak.  In the case of the body, if the brain doesn't get oxygen because the heart is too weak to get the blood there...   there is damage.  If the heart is beating strong, then all parts of the body are more likely to function.

We need God to restore us, to renew us, we need to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a city that is beautiful and wonderous.  We are a city of Hope, one that doesn't give up, even if everyone else does.

He is the God of this city. He is the HOPE to these people.  He is.  And that's just what I'm counting on.

I love Detroit.


  1. My parents moved to Detroit from KY when I was about 4 or 5 yrs. old. I was surprised at where we live, in a 2-family flat on Buchanan St., no yard other than a concrete slap out back & dirt in the front. Across the alley was a furniture store, Zerry's. The store dumped stuff into a concrete container that sat in the back of our flat. My brother & I had great fun digging in that thing to retrieve 'treasures' to take home to Mom. Brand new stuff was in there! For free!

    We moved frequently during the 10 years we lived in Detroit and I attended so many schools I never made friends for long. I know what you mean about loving Detroit. It leaves its mark on you whether you're 'home-grown' or a transplant. Our biggest homes were in Detroit. Not fancy by any means, but big.

    I'm encouraged by what you're writing here Margie and I commend you for going where the Lord leads; often that's against the stream of what others think we should be doing. Hold on & hang on ... God will supply all you need as you serve Him and His people in this place called the Big D.

    Blessings to you ... I await to see the fruit that comes from your labors.


  2. It is nice to see old churches so well maintained.

  3. You know....whenever I read anything that you write regarding the city of Detroit, I feel the Lord's presence in a TANGIBLE way. Seriously. You have NO idea the impact you are making on this city. The love that you so obviously feel and share is unsurpassed...and I believe so overwhelmingly that God is using you in big ways...ways that may not ever be apparent this side of heaven...don't stop loving that city...or the people. I pray blessings upon your head, Margie...God has big plans!!