Sunday, January 31, 2010

I really do love Detroit

I seriously am not sure if anyone reads this blog... but I'm about to tell you something that may make you think I'm a bigger jerk than you already thought I was.

I have no desire to sponsor a child from Compassion International or organizations of the like. I tell you, that I believe that these organizations do the good of God, however, I do not believe that I am called for that, at least for now.

I tell you that I really do want a housekeeper, someone to come into my house that can help me out twice a month. I really want this for myself. When I am home, I want to be doing things that further the Kingdom, not pick up after us or wash our floors or change our beds. So that I can find rest when I need it not do one more task to exhaust myself. Seriously. I thought, I could sponsor 2 children with that money... but it was guilt, not conviction, and I know the difference.

I tell you this because I feel called to serve here. To serve in my neighborhood church that serves the people in my own city, to feed them. To make them homemade, quality food, not just some slop because it's cheap. I believe that you can serve good food for low cost.

I spoke with Marci at DRMM, they are feeding 40% more than they were a year ago, they are housing more. That means that if they served 100 meals a day, it's 140 more, its more men, women, and children within our reach. Its those without jobs, with addictions, and I just feel like I can't turn my back on them, because really, I do love Detroit. It's more than a city, it's a community.

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  1. Margie-
    I love that you are serving where God has you. And I totally agree I would love a housekeeper. I have talked for real with Todd about it several times. I just feel overwhelmed by the daily clutter and chores there are with two under three. I would like baths, floors and such to be done a couple times a month. I have not yet justified the cost, but maybe I will get there. LOL