Thursday, July 16, 2009

Outdoor Concert!!

One of the things we have planned (hopefully!) is to have an outdoor outreach concert with ICRIS, an awesome man of God. I went to stop in at the McDonald's to see if they would let us have it there. I was REALLY REALLY nervous. I prayed for open hearts as I spoke about it. Last year we were there dancing in the parking lot.

I walked in and it was crazy busy, I thought it would be good if I went in at 2:30. Anyway, I met with the Manager, Michael, who was awesome! He talked to his marketing person who said to send over the info and she would run it by the owner.

Pray about this! Please !!! it would be great if we could do it, if we could reach those who don't know Christ who are broken by this world, but can be redeemed! There is hope and His name is JESUS! He came to save us!!

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